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Most obituaries take 1 – 3 business days to publish. That's because we verify every death with the funeral director or death certificate before publishing stories online.

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Once we receive your submission, you will receive a confirmation email with your order details. Beyond the Dash will verify the death, either by reviewing the death certificate or by contacting the funeral home. This usually takes 1 – 3 business days, but depends on how fast we can contact the funeral home. (TIP: Submitting a death certificate can help expedite the publication of your story.)
We will reach out to you if there is any further information required. Once approved, the obituary will be published on Beyond the Dash, and a notification email will be sent to you.

We verify deaths in order to ensure that every obituary on Beyond the Dash reflects the life story of a real person who has passed away. This makes sure we respect the stories of all people who choose to publish their stories on Beyond the Dash.

Online obituaries can be edited any time after submission. Many families return to their loved one's Beyond the Dash memorial to add to the story and make edits after the story has been published. With Beyond the Dashs permanent, free guestbook, others can share treasured photos as well.

As the owner of a Beyond the Dash obituary, you have full control over the story. Obituaries can be deleted from Beyond the Dash by logging in and managing the story from the account page.

Every online obituary includes 1 profile photo, 1 cover image and up to 10 gallery photos. Subsequent photos may be added to the story via the Guestbook, which means there is no limit to the number photos that can be added to a memorial.

In order for us to offer a free service, we need to be able to pay the team that puts all of this together and pay for the ongoing storage of the obituaries. We do this by offering the opportunity for friends and loved ones to show their support and sympathy by purchasing flowers and trees in the name of your loved one.

Flower deliveries are handled by Tribute, a highly reputable provider of these products and the only provider we use. We do not load any other advertising on our site, preferring to respect the space created for the deceased.


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Obituary Submissions

Submission Guidelines

Beyond the Dash is committed to publishing quality obituaries. We encourage storytellers to submit stories that are inspiring, detailed, honest and civil.

All obituaries on Beyond the Dash are verified by a third party, using either the death certificate or by contacting the funeral home that handled the arrangements. While most stories are published within one day of submission, some obituaries may take several days to verify and approve.

Though we encourage obituary writers to be thoughtful and candid, we do not accept submissions that are disparaging toward family members, funeral service providers or any living person. Stories should not include graphic images or depictions of death that are likely to upset visitors to Beyond the Dash.

We reserve the right to edit submissions for spelling and grammar.


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Approval Process

Beyond the Dash sample story
Write Submit information and the obituary of your loved one using our self-guided form.
Beyond the Dash sample story
Verify Beyond the Dash will verify the death, either by reviewing the death certificate or by contacting the funeral home.
Beyond the Dash sample story
Wait This usually takes 1  3 business days, depending on how fast we can contact the funeral home.
Beyond the Dash sample story
Publish Once approved, the obituary will be published on Beyond the Dash, and a notification email will be sent to you.
Beyond the Dash sample story
Share Don't forget to share your loved one's story with family and friends.

GuestBook Comments

Our online obituaries are intended to be a safe, supportive place for families to share stories of their loved ones with friends and acquaintances. People who read the obituaries are required to express their feelings about the deceased in a kind and respectful way.

Submission Guidelines

We encourage commenters to submit comments that are inspiring, thoughtful, well-meaning and civil. We do not accept submissions that include:

  1. Profanity
  2. Graphic content
  3. Disparaging remarks
  4. References to illegal acts
  5. Reference to the cause of death*

*Cause of death is acceptable if noted in the obituary.

Beyond the Dash reserves the right to reject images that contain words.

Here are some examples of appropriate comments:

  1. Our thoughts are with you in your time of grief, Uncle Bob.
  2. Rest in Peace.
  3. Our deepest sympathy to your family, love Jim and Joanne.
  4. These photos were taken at a family barbecue at Bill's place years ago. We talked, laughed a lot and shared lots of wonderful memories. We would come yearly to visit Bill and he would take us to where he loved to fish. Before we put our lines in the water he would say $1.00 for the first fish, $1.00 for the biggest one and $1.00 for the most. It didn't matter if he won the money or not he could hardly wait for the fish fry. That was his favourite thing. I will think of him often when we go fishing as he will be missed dearly.
  5. Reading the obituary left me fascinated as to the degree of drive and energy possessed by this man, and the talent required for that level of involvement to be forthcoming. I would have learned much knowing him. I extend to you my condolences.
  6. I just learned of both your parents' deaths and want to tell you how sad I was to hear of their passing. I remember your parents fondly, your father's many achievements and especially your mother's kindness to my mother, Betty Smith. Both your parents were outstanding human beings. You should be very proud. In sympathy, Jane Smith.

Interactive Obituary Template


Use this interactive obituary template to write your loved one's life story. Check each section that applies to the life story, and then complete all of the fields. You will be able to to edit and add to the final obituary later. Once complete, copy and paste the text of this obituary into the story field of your loved one's Beyond the Dash Obituary.

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