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Salvatore Sabastiano Triolo

Salvatore Sabastiano Triolo

April 7, 1939 - December 21, 2017

My parents journey began at this church 51 years ago, my father waited at the top of this very alter for my mom and began his life with her and started our family, but today he took that walk without her. <br /> <br /> There are no words to state the sadness that I have felt over these last few days, or the thoughts that are going through everyones mind. We all have different memories of my father, and different things that will make us sad. <br /> <br /> What I can tell you is this <br /> He was a loving husband to our mother <br /> He was an amazing father to us girls <br /> He was an adored papa to our babies. <br /> <br /> He had an enormous heart and he wore it on his sleeve for everyone to see it. That was both a strength and weakness of his. He would do anything for anyone and would give you the shirt off his back or the last dollar in his pocket. <br /> <br /> He loved entertaining people with his amazing cooking. I remember as a kid playing outside you could smell his cooking and my friends would ask if they could eat over tonight because it smelled so good. He would feed a stranger off the street because he loved to nurture people. <br /> <br /> He was loud, and you knew he was in the room because he had such amazing presence. Whether you knew him for five minutes, 10 days or 30 years his character was so special that he made sure you never forgot him and he left his mark on you. <br /> <br /> He was so proud of what he had and what he did in his life because he came from nothing. So when you heard him talk about his BMW or his garden he spoke from his heart. He would pass out bags of tomatoes and vegetables from his garden to all the neighbors or give you a tour of his favorite car. He loved washing and waxing it so it always looked perfect because he was so proud of it. <br /> <br /> He was an enormous Hockey fan, as a kid we had season tickets for the Boston Bruins. We would park in East Boston and ride the train into town, I think back remembering wow this it so amazing. <br /> <br /> He loved nature and the outdoors, we would would take car trips to Maine and NH and go hiking and fishing. He would have Julio Iglesias blaring on the radio and he would teach us the words to all his favorite songs. <br /> <br /> My father was a teacher, he loved to self educate, We would sit and watch National Geographic or the history channel and he would talk about the circle of life or how fascinated he was with historical people. <br /> <br /> He was a sharp dresser, he was always dressed like he was going out on a night on the town. I remember my mom putting us in dresses and fancy coats and hats and we would go to the coffee shop with my dad for Gelato or to the feast in the North End to watch the celebrations of the Saints. <br /> <br /> Through his love, and passion for these things if you paid close enough attention you could see his teachings......they were everywhere. <br /> <br /> He instilled in us a core value system that defined who HE was as a person and never once did he ever claim he was perfect or apologize for who he was. <br /> <br /> He taught us to love unconditionally through his forgiveness <br /> <br /> He taught us to be confident through his pride. <br /> <br /> He taught us to be independent through his hard work. <br /> <br /> He taught us how to be human through his weaknesses <br /> <br /> He taught us how to inspire people through his PASSION <br /> <br /> He taught us through his hardships to remain Strong <br /> <br /> He taught us that forgiveness will allow you to live your life with ACCEPTANCE <br /> <br /> He taught us that choosing to be the better person would inspire other people to do the same <br /> <br /> He taught us that LOVE supersedes everything. <br /> <br /> He taught us how to never give up through his strength <br /> <br /> His life long passions were all symbols of his teachings <br /> <br /> He loved to garden so When we see a garden it should catch our attention reminding us to appreciate the simple things in life. <br /> <br /> He was a coin collector so If you see a gold coin it taught us that money is not the solution to anything, it can not buy happiness and can sometimes do more harm than good. <br /> <br /> He was an amazing cook so When you eat a well cooked meal it should remind you that everyone was always welcomed to his table and you should never ever bite the hand that feeds you. <br /> <br /> Whenever we stumbled, he has always accepted our mistakes. His forgiveness was unconditional. <br /> <br /> I know that no matter what <br /> Dad you will always be with us. <br /> When life separates us <br /> Ill know it is only your soul <br /> Saying goodbye to your body <br /> But your spirit will be with us always. <br /> <br /> Dad, We will always feel the warmth of all your love. We will hear your words of wisdom <br /> And we will never forget what you taught us so well. <br /> <br /> You taught us Without lifes challenges We cannot grow strong. <br /> <br /> We will always remember your endless love for your family. <br /> No matter where we are <br /> Your spirit will be beside us <br /> And I know that no matter what <br /> You will always be with us.

Services by
Dello Russo Funeral Service

306 Main Street, Medford, MA

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