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Royale LeAnne Pelt Bridges

Royale LeAnne Pelt Bridges

March 12, 2019 - June 26, 2019

Royale LeAnne Pelt Bridges passed away so suddenly, A mother is still suppose to be changing her diapers at this age. She was only 3 months; But made a big impact in my life and my heart. A piece of me will always be missing. You were born with so much hair, beautiful dimples, Carmel soft skin and the cutest lips. I love when you would poke your little lips out. <br /> Your twin Royce loves looking at you when I laid him next to you, I wonder what he saw while staring at you. I really wish I could have one chance to go back in time and be there for you more than I have, I had a feeling to go in your room but I saw you sleeping so I choose back out and close the door, I should've just went in and straight to you and your brother but nothing alerted me because I was overwhelmed from going out so I went straight to bed and ignored the many alarms that were ringing, at moment I should've for sure gotten up ! Now that day and the many possible ways to save you will forever replay in my head. I wish you can hear my cry and since you are closer to God than ask him to answer your mommy prayers and preform a miracle to bring back!! I love you Royale, my baby girl I don't want to say Goodbye so see you later.

Services by
Willie A. Watkins Funeral Home - Riverdale Chapel

6580 Church Street, Riverdale, GA

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