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Paul  Faraci 1929 - February 6, 2018

Winnipeg man credited with inventing the Pizza Pop dies at 89

Originally published by The Canadian Press on February 27, 2018

WINNIPEG — The man credited with inventing the Pizza Pop has died.

The family of Paul Faraci says he died Feb. 6 in Vernon, B.C., at the age of 89.

In the 1960s, Faraci owned a Winnipeg restaurant and came up with a twist on the traditional calzone — making it smaller and easier to handle.

His nephew, Chris Faraci, says his uncle started selling the treat wholesale and then sold his interest in the business to two partners, who in turn sold it to Pillsbury.

Pizza Pops are still made in Winnipeg by General Mills and are among many varieties of the calzone, such as Pizza Pockets and Hot Pockets.

Chris Faraci says his uncle was a true entrepreneur who was proud of his legacy.

He says the original recipe may soon be revived by a food truck a family member owns.

The Canadian Press

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