Nora Gallegos Yerush

Nora Gallegos Yerush

November 6, 1960 - August 29, 2020

Never to be outdone - even by a global pandemic and the full disaster that is 2020, Nora Gallegos Yerush (59) passed peacefully in hospice care, free of all tubes and prodding, on August 20, 2020 at 4:44 PM. If you knew Nora, peaceful wasn't really her "thing", so this is kinda a big deal for her. <br /> <br /> Nora was raised by and preceded in death by Cleotilde and Carlos Gallegos on November 6, 1960. She was raised alongside Cleo and two of her favorite people - Ruben Rangel, her step father, and Mary Ann Garcia, her sister (and family) - her whole life. She is survived by her loving husband Joseph (Bob) Yerush (69) and her only daughter, Molly Yerush (29), whom she affectionally referred to as "Robert" and "Marie" every time she was annoyed with them - which was maybe more often than you'd think. The only two beings she was never annoyed by were her pups, Granger and Mitzy. She is also survived by her niece, who she viewed as a daughter - Ashley Lopez (33) and family - Armando, Jaelene, JJ, Jaycob, Angel, and Audrina, and Skylar Miller (29) and family - Ross, and Hayden. She is also survived by 3 sisters, the closest of which is Linda Ramos (63). <br /> <br /> Nora was as fiery and stubborn as they come, and held on to her fight as long as she could. Her heart and mind wouldn't let her give up, which is why it is so ironic that her body finally had to tell her to stop with a bleed of the mind. A true Scorpio, if you would. You could tell her the sky was blue, but by the end of your conversation, she just may have you believing it was green. She was just that good. <br /> <br /> Nora spent most of her life caring for others as a home health provider and loved every minute of it. She especially loved her final client. Her independence made her stubborn when it came time for her daughter and husband to care for her. Especially when it came to dinner time - she was often caught hiding food in her robe pockets. But if her favorite health care provider, Jeni Boren of Spohn Shoreline, told her to do something - then she'd finally listen! <br /> <br /> She was always the life of the party. There was never a moment she wasn't making a corny joke or endearing people with her infectious smile. She didn't really like too many people - but if she did, she loved you with her whole entire heart. <br /> <br /> Nora's final moments were spent flooded by love from her friends and family across the country, including her "adopted daughters": Laura Valez (31) of Chicago, Kristen Daniels (31) of Philadelphia, Krista Wentzel-Mann (30) of St. Louis, Stephanie Cabrera (32), and Megan Banks (32) of Corpus Christi, as well as the incredible staff of Flour Bluff ISD, her daughter's work family. <br /> <br /> Nora lived by the quote "Beginnings are scary, endings are usually sad, but it is the middle that counts the most." And she did just that - she made the most of the middle. She will spend the rest of eternity roller-discoing (which she was the queen of) to 70's music in the golden skating rink in the sky with one fist in the air like the warrior she is. <br /> <br /> Celebration of life to come later - hold your breath for an invite. "Don't be a drag, participate".

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