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Micheal James Hughes

Micheal James Hughes

September 3, 1987 - August 27, 2018

Micheal James Hughes, 30, was born in Conroe TX on September 03, 1987 to parents Stacey Taylor and Kenneth Hughes both of which are residing in Missouri. Micheal has a sister, Amber Nichole Hughes, and 2 brothers, Chris Taylor and Danny Hillebrand all of which also reside in Missouri. Micheal passed away on August 27, 2018 in Conroe, TX. Micheal is survived and remembered by wife of 6 years, Colleen Kelso, 31 of Glendale, CA and daughter Nancy Lynn Hughes, 3, of Jefferson City, MO. <br /> <br /> Micheal, his wife and his daughter resided in Conroe, TX. Micheal enjoyed working and hanging out at the skating rink growing up, hanging out with friends, camping and fishing. He loved his family, especially Aunt Nancy Hughes, who helped raise him. Micheal had a dog named Patches, which he treated like a baby. Micheal went to Lone star College to study welding, and although he did not finish, he did however get to practice his welding skills working with one of his best friends and their family business, which he loved doing very much. Micheal met Colleen in 2012 in Conroe TX and decided to move to Missouri with his Aunt Nancy. Shortly after moving Colleen was pregnant with Micheal's one and only child, Nancy Lynn Hughes, born February 24, 2015. Micheal does, however, have 2 stepdaughters ShaeLynn (12), and Lola (9), and a stepson James (10), with Colleen. Micheal and his family moved back to Texas, shortly after the birth of his daughter. Micheal enjoyed spending time with his family mostly, but fishing was his passion. Micheal loved to put a canoe or kayak on the water and float downstream with his fishing pole and a beer. Micheal enjoyed camping and hunting as well. But his biggest accomplishment was his daughter. He adored her and she was daddy's girl. Micheal was not always at his best but he was always a great father. Micheal had a lot of friends and a huge family that will remember him always. He is missed dearly by those closest to him. Beloved Father, Husband, and Son. We love and miss you.

Services by
Conroe Funeral Directors

1504 N. Thompson Rd, Conroe, TX

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