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Makayla Lynn Kavanagh

Makayla Lynn Kavanagh

January 20, 2005 - September 12, 2018

Makayla Lynn Kavanagh was born on January 20th 2005 at St. John's Episcopal hospital in Queens NYC at 12:46 am. She was born to Shaun William Kavanagh (Father) Ironworker 11/30/79, & her (Mother) Karen Ann Matteson, Homemaker 05/01/85. Her (Grandfather) Brian Kavanagh, Ironworker & (Grandmother) Patricia kavanagh, Homemaker, have passed on before her. Her other (Grandfather) Electrician, Russel Mark Matteson has passed on as well. Makayla Lynn Kavanagh is survived by Shaun Kavanagh (Father), Tristen Kavanagh (Brother), Sofia Kavanagh (Sister). Also Karen Ann Matteson (Mother) & Phylliss Wrinkle~Gee (Grandmother). Makayla was so full of Life, Love & Laughter. She had tons of energy & was very rambunctious. She loved to laugh and have fun. She was quirky so lovable & had the most beautiful smile. She was artistic like her father which he instilled in her at a young age. Makayla was always paining & drawing . She was very expressive in her artwork. She loved being outdoors, playing, & being happy. She was a very strong minded child. She was very courageous, loving, & helpfull. She was my 1st Born child and she was Loved so much. When she passed on at such a young age(13) she took a big piece of my heart with her. She will forever be Loved & though about daily. Everyday I am working in a skyscraper high up in NYC she will be in my thoughts and prayers, & I will be that much closer to her. She was deeply Loved by me & her siblings. Makayla also was cherished and Loved by numerous Family & Friends. I ask God to watch over my baby girl, to love her, comfort her & protect her till i see her again someday. I Shaun Kavanagh (Father), Loved and Love my daughter more than the world. I asked God many times to take me and spare her. My only comfort is that I know deep inside my heart that God has a higher plan for her. Rest in peace my darling. Memorial services are on Tuesday, September 18 2018 at Westmoreland Funeral Home, 198 South main St, Marion, N.C. 28752.


Memorial service

Westmoreland Funeral Home

198 S Main St, Marion, NC, USA

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    This is Makayla Kavanaghs Original obituary. It shows her family tree. This is her biological family tree. makayla was loved by many family and friends. Raising Makayla and being a part of her life and bringing her into this world is the greatest thing that ever happened to me. She brightened my day. She had so much love to give. & i love her & will always love her with All my heart. Not a day will go by without you in my thoughts and prayers. Love (Dad) Shaun Kavanagh, ((Brother) Tristen Kavanagh, (Sister) Sofia Kavanagh. We love you and miss you deeply.
    Shaun kavanagh(Father). Oct 11, 2018