Karen Kathleen Jackson

Karen Kathleen Jackson

January 16, 1944 - June 18, 2020

Karen Kathleen Jackson, 76, passed away on June 18th, 2020. Karen was born on January 16th, 1944 to William and Lee Cribbs in Davenport, Iowa. Karen attended Davenport Central high school and received a bachelor of arts degree from the State University of New York. She worked for over thirty years as a civilian employee for the Army at the Rock Island Arsenal. At the Arsenal, Karen met an amazing group of friends that still keep in touch today. In this job, she worked with foreign governments that purchased military equipment from the United States. One of her best memories of work, aside from spending time with her friends, was a trip to Bahrain to work with the Bahraini princes on a large purchase of equipment. It was in this job that she met her husband of 45 years, Hubert. <br /> <br /> Karen was an Army spouse and spent her first years in marriage living in Stuttgart, Germany. Some of her favorite activities there were spending long weekends in Paris and Venice. She loved exploring the museums, old buildings, and riding in the gondolas in the Venice canals. Karen was a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan and loved attending games at Wrigley Field with her family. She could talk your ear off about a Cubs game even if you didn't know a thing about baseball. Karen cried tears of joy in 2016 when they finally won the World Series. Karen loved attending Iowa Hawkeye football and basketball games and watching her daughter, Laura, in the Hawkeye Marching Band. Prior to her illness Karen was active in the Methodist church and spent many years coordinating blood drives for the Red Cross, teaching Sunday School, and participating in Senior Circle. <br /> <br /> Karen and Hubert were both very lucky and were able to retire early from their jobs at the Arsenal. They moved to San Angelo, TX to enjoy the beautiful weather and lived there for nearly twenty years prior to her illness. After retiring to San Angelo, Karen worked part-time jobs as a school crossing guard and for the Tom Green County Library to "keep from getting bored". <br /> <br /> Karen lost her father when she was five years old to injuries that he sustained in World War II. While we are terribly sad to have lost her, we are strengthened by the knowledge that she will finally meet him in heaven. Karen is preceded in death by her parents, brother Bill Cribbs, stepson Richard Kinjo, and best friend since childhood, Linda Kraft. Karen is survived by her husband Hubert, daughter Laura, stepson Johney Jackson, and many other beloved family and friends in Iowa, California, and Texas. <br /> <br /> The family wishes to express their enormous and heartfelt thanks to all of the caregivers at Franklin Park Memory Care in Round Rock, but especially to caregivers Barbara and Cindy. Miss Barbara was the first person the family met when Karen moved in to Franklin Park and immediately welcomed her with love. She took excellent care of not just Karen but the whole family when we were there to visit. Miss Cindy tried to get Karen to play dominoes every chance she got and when Karen got sick and wouldn't eat, Cindy would personally cut up her favorite fruit to try to coax her to eat. When we thanked Cindy for taking care of Karen, Cindy said there was no reason to thank her, we all loved her dearly. <br /> <br /> Karen was deeply interested in politics and watched every news program that she could find. One of the last things she asked before she passed was, who is running for president in the next election and was she able to vote. As the virus has prevented us from celebrating Karen's life in person and caused many to be in a difficult financial situation, we ask in lieu of flowers or memorials that you please take a minute to register to vote and to ensure your family and friends are registered. https://vote.gov

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    My deepest condolences, this sweet lady will be missed at our annual Rosenthal Family Tree- so many wonderful memories and so many happy souls from the family were there to meet her, I know.
    Love, Cissi and Cheyenne Elliott
    Crystal Elliott Jun 30, 2020
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    Jack - please accept my deepest sympathy for your loss. May your best memories ease your grief.
    Kristan (Mendoza) Myers Jun 29, 2020
    I so enjoyed working with Karen at the Arsenal. Such a sweet person. May she Rest In Peace. My condolences to her family.
    Jan Gemignani Britton Jun 29, 2020
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    It was always a joy to see Karen and Hubert at the annual Rosenthal Christmas Tree... Karen was a loving wife and mother. She will be greatly missed.
    Jim and Aue Taylor Jun 29, 2020
    Karen was a wonderful lady. When we moved to San Angelo we met them at a garage sale a friend was having. We were talking about Davenport, Iowa and Karen overheard. Small world, turns out we were kinda related. My sister 's husband was her cousin. We hit it off and started getting together twice a week for lunch and cards with her and Hubert. Lots of fun. Will miss her. Sending our love and condolences to Hubert and Laura.
    Gary & Maria Schroeder Jun 29, 2020
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