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Josephine  Colon

Josephine Colon

March 12, 1936 - August 19, 2020

Josephine Colon, 84, of Brooklyn, New York City, passed away on 08/19/2020. She was born to parents Paula and Jose, on 03/12/1936 in Brooklyn, New York City. <br /> <br /> Josephine is survived by Sandra, Daughter, Glenn, Son, Andrew, Grandson, Ashley, Granddaughter, Brandon, Grandson, Jade, Granddaughter, Ramon, Grandson, Shemika, Granddaughter, Ramon, Great Granddaughter, Noah, Great Grandson. <br /> <br /> Josephine Colon was a Mother, Grandma, Partner and The Life Of The Party. For me, my memories of her were always filled with energy, excitement for life and a endless drive to always be happy. There was never a dull moment and you could rest assured there was always Latino music playing in the background when you were around her. She was filled with positivity and always looking for her next adventure. Whether that be traveling to Puerto Rico, enjoying time with loved ones or visiting her grand babies whom she loved so much. Even at the young age of 80, she continued to venture out on the streets of New York. Even at that age, her grandchildren found it difficult to keep up. She was always dancing, singing, smiling and sharing love to those around her. She spent most of her career as a Home Health Aid where she could take care of others in need. It correlated so well with her personality as she was always one to put others first before herself. Josephine was inspiring to those in her life. Never settling for a simple life. Her time in PA was a constant reminder that she was meant to live in the Big City. She needed the fast pace environment to keep up with her explosive personality. For those that had the very fortunate opportunity of getting close to Josephine, know that she is shining down on us. The love that she shared will be with us forever while she continues to party up in heaven with her parents and close friends. This passing has proven to be impossible to accept for us because it feels like she's still here. Still laughing. Still Smiling. Still Exploring. Still living life to the fullest. What was left behind is a plethora of endless memories that bring so much joy and wisdom into our lives. Someone that is simply unforgettable and who continues to play a big role in our lives long after her passing. Thank You. <br /> <br /> Goodbyes are not forever, Goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean I'll miss you, Until we meet again. <br /> <br /> Love, <br /> <br /> Family & Friends

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