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Jeanne Marie Patraw

Jeanne Marie Patraw

July 21, 1948 - November 9, 2019

Jeanne Marie Patraw, 71, of Bremerton , Washington, passed away on November 9th, 2019. <br /> <br /> She was born to Betty Schumacher and Francis Marion (Schu) Schumacher, on July 21, 1948 in Port Angeles , Washington. <br /> <br /> She graduated from Port Angeles High-school in 1966. <br /> She went on to study English and Literature at Western Washington University. <br /> <br /> Jeanne worked at the family owned Olympic Feed and Seed Company, A&W, Harbor Books Store, and her career place of employment was The Bremerton Sun. She started off in Classified Ads moving into Inside Sales, and lastly as a Real Estate Advertising Executive. She retired in 2004 after a 25 year career. <br /> <br /> Jeanne met Gerald Patraw when Jerry was working in Port Angeles. When Jeanne walked out of a beauty shop Jerry asked her on a date. This was in 1965 before Jerry went into the service. When his enlistment was finished, they married on May 25, 1968. They were married for 51 wonderful years. Together they have two daughters, Debbie Portrey and Angela Flesher. They have three grandchildren, Justin and Jessica Portrey and Addy Flesher. <br /> <br /> Jeanne's favorite role was as a wife, mother and grandma. She loved her family more then anything. Her greatest joy was her grandkids. Jeanne played the piano and had a love for dance. Her and Jerry spent years taking dance lessons and going dancing with their friends. She also loved playing cards with family and friends. <br /> <br /> Jeanne is survived by mother Betty Schumacher, brother Jim Schumacher, sister Sue Wickersham, husband Gerald Patraw, daughter Debbie Portrey, daughter Angela Flesher, grandchildren Justin and Jessica Portrey, and Addy Flesher. <br /> <br /> Services will be held at Crossroads Neighborhood Church on November 16th 2019 at 11:00am. 7555 Old Military Road NE, Bremerton, WA 98311 <br /> <br /> Donations may be made to Alzheimer's Awareness Foundation. To share condolences online, visit Jeanne's obituary on

Services by
Crossroads Neighborhood Church

7555 Old Military Rd. NE, Bremerton

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    Jeanne was the "sister" of my youthful heart. For years we were inseparable friends. We shared jobs: picking strawberries, the strawberry belt (ooh!), and the A&W. In high school we shared classes, especially Literature and English. We were debate partners where, for all her shyness, Jeanne rocked with confidence. We often double-dated. In the evenings we talked on the phone forever about school, boys,.heartache, family issue, etc.

    It went without saying that Jeanne and I would be room mates our freshman year at Western. It was 1966-1967, and the campus world was shifting. Females were final allowed to wear pants on campus. Boy, were we happy! In the spring, being the BIG English majors, we went to hear Allen Ginsberg and Ken Kesey. I wanted to wear slacks but Jeanne thought, even though we could wear slacks, we should be more dressy and wear skirts. When we entered the auditorium, it was packed with hippies. In that environment we most certainly looked like nuns. During the readings neither of us uttered a word as we slumped in to our seats. At the end of Ginsberg's readings, I looked at Jeanne and she was as red as the red licorice we'd been eating. She had such lovely full lips and, at that moment, those lips were forming a perfect circle of shock. Outside, Jeanne said, "We should probably have read some of his poetry first."

    Over our youthful years Jeanne and I had so many adventures, so many experiences, that positively contributed to the person I grew-up to be. I credit so much to this dear friend who was there for me, and I for her. Our lives went separate ways in adulthood, but I have always loved her. My belief system is that we will meet again.
    Susan (Shay) Anderson Nov 15, 2019
    Beautiful in Blue was purchased for the family of Jeanne Marie Patraw by Debbie Perez.  Send flowers
    Debbie Perez Nov 14, 2019
    Jeanne and I grew up together. We both went to Jefferson Elementary School and were in the same classes from first grade through sixth grade. My mother and Jeanne's mother were good friends and Betty, Jeannie's mom and Harriet Covington's mother were the leaders of our Bluebird and Campfire Girls clubs. We sold our Camp Fire mints together every year, trudging from house to house. Along with other friends, Jeanne and I were lucky enough to spend one week in the summer every year at Camp David Jr on Lake Crescent and we always had such a good time. I loved Jeanne. She was such a good person, so kind, so giving. I don't think I ever heard her make an unkind comment about another human being. She was one of those rare individuals who set a high bar (even as a little girl) as to how human beings should treat one another. She will have a place in my heart always and I send my deepest condolences to her family and friends. You were all fortunate indeed to have a woman of her character, integrity and generosity in your lives. I can only imagine the depth of your grief and the extent to which she will be missed!
    so giving. I don't think I ever heard her make a critical or unkind comment about another person.
    Karyn Lackman Nov 13, 2019
    I have many fond memories of Jeanne from grade school through high school, especially of our Blue Bird and Campfire days (her mother Betty was a special group leader). Jeanne was always gentle and kind.
    Rindy Thompson Hainstock Nov 13, 2019
    Jeanne was a pleasure to work with through all those years and a wonderful person away from the newspaper too......such a kind sympathies to her family.
    Marcy Tolf Nov 13, 2019
    So sorry to hear Jeanne has passed. She was a lovely gentle woman with such a kind heart. Her legacy of love lives on in her family and she will be greatly missed. May God's grace be a comfort. Hugs and love to you all.
    Mary Scibelli Nov 13, 2019
    Thinking of our dear Friends- The Fleshers

    I never had the privilege of meeting this fascinating women, but in a sense I did. It is through the friendship I have with her daughter, Angela. I recall Angela talking about her mom and the life she was living with Alzheimer’s . I couldn’t be more in awe of Angela’s strength, love and devotion she had for her mom. They always say “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree...”. Continued Blessings for all of you and to my friend, Angela Flesher- May God comfort you and heal all of your broken hearts.

    Love: Ruth, Jordan and Nathan
    Mary Ruth Balce Nov 12, 2019
    Jeanne, Lois and I loved our little ocean get aways. This picture was I think 2009 in Seaside. So much fun and laughs with this friend for over 40 years♥️ . That was a huge stuffed moose she was snuggled up with. Peace and love to you all.
    Linda Forney Nov 12, 2019
    Your Mother was class act and beautiful. I know she so proud and happy to see both of you girls ( I should say women) be just like her.
    Tommie Roe Nov 11, 2019
    Jeanne had many successful achievements in her life: wife, mother, grandmother and working woman.

    Jeanne was a successful newspaper advertising woman holding these titles: Classified Advertising Sales, Inside Display Advertising Sales and Real Estate Sales Executive.

    Newspaper advertising is not an easy business to survive. Sales people came and went through a revolving door. If you could work at a newspaper for 20 years you were considered a survivor. Newspaper Advertising management changes more frequently than the President of the United States. Over a 25 year span, Jeanne survived four complete changes in Advertising Sales management.

    At the newspaper Jeanne was like a beautiful little duck on a smooth pond. She seemed to move slowly across the waters surface. But under the water, her little feet were working overtime to accomplish the mired of tasks needed to reach her goals at the end of every day.

    Jeanne was a soft spoken person, who never drew attention to herself, but was always filled with serenity when work life detours came.
    Lois Ireland Nov 11, 2019