Grace C. Amann

Grace C. Amann

January 25, 1936 - June 11, 2020

Passed away from complications of Alzheimer's. <br /> <br /> Born as an only child of Herbert and Vinnie Wegner, who lost Grace's brother Bobby at 7 years old before she was born. They are now together as siblings for the first time. <br /> <br /> Grace was a very kind, modest and humble woman who appreciated the simple things in life. She never asked for much, yet she was always there for others to help in any way she could. <br /> <br /> Grace had one daughter, Linda Craite, and three sons, Steve, Mark and Tim Amann. Through the marriages of her children, she had six grandchildren who she adored. Grandsons Cody and Trevor Craite, and granddaughters Caitlin, Haley, Taylor and Alyssa Amann. She thought of them always, and kept them very close to her heart. She is finally at peace, and can now be with them each day in spirit. <br /> <br /> Thank you to Grace's many, many wonderful friends who provided so much love and endless comic relief over the years. She loved and appreciated all of you. A very special thank you to Mary Jane Beiter, 'Gracie's' cherished lifelong friend, who sadly passed away without Grace understanding. They are laughing together again. <br /> <br /> "I love you Mom. Thank you for always being there. And thank you for raising me with the strength, courage and love to care for you in return. I will walk with you close to my heart always. - Linda"

Services by
Cremation Society of Wisconsin
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