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Elizabeth Ann Curtis

Elizabeth Ann Curtis

March 15, 1965 - August 8, 2018

In Loving Memory of Elizabeth Ann Curtis; <br /> Born on March 15, 1965 in St. Louis, Missouri and passed away on August 8, 2018 in Englewood, Colorado. <br /> <br /> While caring for my mother as she was dying, Elizabeth Redwine discovered strength she didn't realise she had. <br /> Mum was only 52 when she was diagnosed with multiple myeloma cancer. She smiled politely at the specialist and asked how long she had to live. He said they said six months without chemo. While with chemo, maybe 6 months to 1 year. <br /> <br /> Mum was in the hospital bed all by herself while her husband and others left her to die there. It was surreal. There was so many tears, knowing what a distance we both are from each other. I said, "Mum from now on, you know that you can say anything and share anything with me and we can do this together". I also told her as well as everyone else they were a liar and told the doctors to place her on an airplane and get her on the next flight. No one could believe I was doing this from such a distance. I had set all her doctor's appointments, as you know if your diagnosed with cancer you need every kind of doctor you can. I told her when I picked her up from the airport, after not seeing her for 10 years and not having her to raise me up to be who I am today, "We can fight this". Anything is possible with our God our Lord and Savior. I couldn't leave her here in Denver, with everyone wishing her up in a death bed and I told God he is not taking her from me as I just got her. Also I knew everyone else around her wasn't caring for my mother as I could take care of her. I brought her in everyday of the week to the doctors. She came here last September and we went to the hospital in November, when her blood pressure was low and she had hives and had a allergic reaction to the chemo meds from the pharmacy. In December, we went back to the hospital and her blood pressure and all her organs were shutting down. The machines in the hospital showed her heart rate was below 40 bpm, her oxygen was below 60 and my husband and I placed our hands on her head and started praying, crying out to God. The machine then read the number for my mother being normal and the Holy Spirit touched my mother. She started crying and speaking in tongues. All the nurses and doctors came in asking what we did and we told them it was God!! God had saved her three days before Christmas. The cancer also affected her arm and God pulled her through that time also. After the healing, we brought her home a few months right before church on Sunday. She wasn't feeling so well and I told her if she is not feeling any better, I'm going to have to bring her in. So the family went to church and after church we came back home and she was white as snow. I rushed her to the hospital and all the doctors and nurses told me I was losing her. I told them and the devil that they were liars. It's not happening and my mum is not being taken from me. So after being placed on life support for two weeks, they took machines off and she was back to normal. They told me she won't live till her birthday, which was in March. <br /> <br /> My mum was abused throughout her childhood life, and adopted as an infant. My mother had a rough teenage life and meet my father when she was in her late teens. They had me when she was 20 and my father left while I was two years old. He had made some wrong choices in life so he was never there. So I have had to take care of my mother as a child and would go through her addiction in life with her. She put other people first besides her children and she couldn't raise us like a mother should have - she was lost. I was placed in other homes, so as I grew up, we grew apart but I always wanted a mother, so I have always run to her. <br /> <br /> Mum and I started to get close with each other like best friends, as I got a little older and found the love of my life when I was 12 years old, and we are still together after 21 years later with a beautiful family of six children. We met again in 2006 and she was with her husband. She had just married but he always tried to keep us distant from each other. So it was 10 years since I had seen my mother. I received the phone call from the hospital with them telling me she was on her last 6 months of life left. So once I had her sent to me, I got her off her death bed 4 different times, while I had her here for the 9 months. We kept up with her appointments and a month ago they said her cancer was in remission and they also give her 7 years of life. She distanced herself and felt no part of our family, she would stay in her room always on the phone speaking to the ones that left her to die in the hospital in Denver. <br /> I have had times when I wanted to lose the fight and thought I would completely fall apart. I nearly did. But I stood strong and fought the battle my mother was facing. I had to gain strength to live in order to help my mother and she needed to start living for God. I had a part to play in saving her soul, as well as helping her get through the weakest times in life. <br /> <br /> She started chemo and a high dose of steroids. We didn't consider any other options. And we had stopped chemo, we prayed everyday the cancer would leave her body and she would heal in God's mighty name. It didn't occur to mum that she had any choice. Mum quickly got to a stage where she could barely walk. She compared herself to others who were having treatment, but still walking and able to continue with everyday life. She asked me, "What am I doing wrong?". She was worried she wasn't being strong enough. The steroids caused diabetes, which she already had and she was admitted to hospital several times. Mum hated hospitals. Mum could feel as she was dying. During one of mum's hospital visits, we started the process regarding the final phase of dying. I knew that it supported people who had a life-limiting illness, to help with their quality of life. The nurse told mum all decisions about her future care were hers, but mum and I didn't have to do it all on our own any more. I remember the two of us wanting to cry with relief. <br /> <br /> Mum said she wanted to die at home. The nurse asked whether mum wanted me to be her physical carer, or to support her just as a daughter. I told mum it would be a privilege to be both. She agreed to that, which was such a blessing. The nurse made it clear mum could change her mind at any time about any choices she made. It was such a privilege to care for her. It was a confronting time. I could see with confidence that mum was not going to die. <br /> <br /> When I brought her to Alaska from Colorado, they told me she had 6 months of life. I told them they were liars and nine months later they gave her 7 years of life for all the time I devoted for her and cared for her. She had in her mind that she could go back to Colorado to her husband, but there was no one there to care for as I did and two weeks after leaving, she was hospitalized exactly one month after. She shared her last post on Facebook before she closed her eyes, I MISS MY FAMILY. <br /> <br /> With the song, November Rain, <br /> God Give Me Straight to move on with this <br /> And know she is now in no more pain. <br /> Thank you, dear Heavenly Father. <br /> <br /> - Elizabeth Redwine

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