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Benton Benjamin Kendig

Benton Benjamin Kendig

January 16, 1973 - April 11, 2019

In memory of our great friend Ben, although I know you are probably somewhere driving the sweetest SAAB money cannot buy, on a highway with no speed limits... Just know that you are forever in our hearts and we miss you! <br /> <br /> Ben was a great friend, a true friend, a person that you could count on anytime, any day - no questions asked. When he said he would be there, he meant that and he had a huge heart. His sense of humor could make even the darkest of situations seem light and he was truly one of a kind. I never met another person like him and I surely never will again. <br /> <br /> He was a truly gifted mechanic and a lover of cars; especially SAABs. He had a special way of bringing people together and I believe he was the most happy in the company of his friends. We keep waiting for you to come swinging through the door, singing and laughing, while skipping up the stairs with that huge smile on your face. <br /> <br /> Thank you for being a great friend to myself and so many others. I hope to hear that quirky laugh of yours again one day... Until then I hope you know that we love you and you live on through all of us, your friends.

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Countryside Funeral Home

9185 NE Jacksonville Road, Anthony, FL

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    Jordanmichael Charles Metz Apr 26, 2019
    Many years ago I met Ben via the web. One day (on the web) I mentioned that I was going to service one of my cars. Ben responded that he could help. Ben lived an hour and a half away and showed up an hour and fifteen minutes later. He offered his experience and knowledge to a guy he'd never met in person. I met up with him many times and he always helped me out. He invited me to his homes (several) and always was there to help.
    Shawn Apr 20, 2019
    What a wonderful obituary. Celebrate their life and remember the good. And may the God be with you all in your time of need.
    TIERRA A Apr 20, 2019
    Ben was the first person I met when I moved to Ocala 20 years and he was a good friend from day one. He rescued me when my car died on the side of the road at least ten times - if you called for help , he would show up and help. We fixed cars together. We drove the wheels off of some cars together . We shared some meals and quite a few laughs together . We sat and did nothing at times . I cherish my privacy and it was nothing to have a group of people over out in the garage or driveway working on cars but..... in 20 years I can count 3 people who have ever been inside my house , Ben was one of them. Ben was there if you needed him , I will miss him.
    Emory Cantrell Apr 19, 2019
    Ben was one of the nicest people I have ever met. He was a kind soul and always greeted me with a smile. Thanks for being a friend, Ben. Your memory lives on!
    Samantha Cobble Apr 19, 2019
    We miss you very much Ben! 💙 The Diurlin’s
    Melanie Diurlin Apr 18, 2019
    Ben, you will always be in my thoughts...
    Jordan Petkovski Apr 18, 2019