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Publish Mobile-friendly Online Obituary for Free Publish Mobile-friendly Online Obituary for Free No credit card required.
Includes a Free, Moderated Guestbook Includes a Free, Moderated Guestbook So family and friends can share memories and photos.
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What Customers Are Saying
"I liked that it was free and allowed me to share my mom's death even though she died in 2013."
"It was a pleasant surprise that such a beautifully done website would offer this as a free service. Sharing the obituary was a breeze and it was amazing that we could include photos and memorial information. I can’t thank you enough for providing this service to grieving families. Thank you."
"Thank you for having this available. Greatly appreciated!"
"To be totally honest, you saved me a lot of money that the funeral home would have charged for a finite amount of time in the local paper. Dash has given my mother exclusivity in this digital age. I am so very pleased with that and I thank you very much."
"Our family’s funeral director gave us Beyond the Dash as a wonderful place to have a free obituary published."
"You have been so helpful in this strange, uncommon time. My family truly appreciates what you've done for us."
"Thank you for creating this platform."
How does it work?
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Write Submit information and the obituary of your loved one using our self-guided form.
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Verify Beyond the Dash will verify the death, either by reviewing the death certificate or by contacting the funeral home.
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Wait This usually takes 1 – 3 business days, depending on how fast we can contact the funeral home.
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Publish Once approved, the obituary will be published on Beyond the Dash, and a notification email will be sent to you.
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Share Don't forget to share your loved one's story with family and friends.
How will it look?
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Writing an obituary is a time-sensitive, emotional task. Beyond the Dash wants to make beautiful obituaries accessible to everyone who has lost a loved one. Write, edit and publish an obituary or death notice within minutes — it's completely free to publish online.

We've made it easy for you to craft an obituary or death notice at the touch of a button. Check out this video. How to Publish and Online Obituary:

Basic information of deceased

Enter your loved one's legal name, date of birth and date of death. We require this information for verification of death.

Verification of death

We require verification of death prior to publishing an obituary on Beyond the Dash. Please enter the contact details of the organization entrusted with handling the burial or cremation.

Add photos

Upload a photo of your loved one as you would like them to be remembered. You can add up to 10 photos.

The main photo will be your loved one's primary obituary photo, and all additional photos will appear in the photos section.


Click and drag to reorder photos. To change the main photo, drag another photo from below to replace it.

Select a cover photo

Choose from our library of cover photos to enhance this obituary.

If you choose to upload your own cover photo, we recommend a high-resolution image for best results.

Tell their story

Explore the special moments that made up your loved one's dash. Tell the story in as much detail as you like. You can save your work for later and return to this story anytime.

Did you use our Interactive Obituary Template? Please paste the obituary you created with the template into the textbox below.

Not sure what to write? Check out our Interactive Obituary Template or read our article How to Write an Obituary.

Add an event

Let family and friends know of the events being planned in honor of your loved one.

Add a GoFundMe link to your story

If you would like to provide friends family and other visitors with a link to a GoFundMe memeorial campaign, you can add it here. It will be displayed on the online notice.

Contact information

Please provide your name and email address. We’ll only use this to communiate with you about this online story.

Your work will be saved to this email address. If you need to return to this draft later, your progress will be saved.

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Certify information

By continuing below, I certify that I am authorized to publish this online memorial/obituary on behalf of the deceased/family of the deceased, and I understand and agree to Beyond the Dash's Terms of Service


Review and publish

Review everything you’ve written so far. You may return to any section to go back and edit. Beyond the Dash reserves the right to edit for grammar, spelling, punctuation and format.

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YouTube - How to Publish Online Obituary
Detailed step-by-step instruction on how to publish obituary on Beyond the Dash