October 8, 2018 Brigitte Ganger

The Top 5 Funeral Homes in Atlanta, Georgia

Atlantans trust these local funeral homes

The Top 5 Funeral Homes in Atlanta, Georgia
Atlanta's funeral homes offer residents many options for memorialization of the dead. These 5 can help your family plan a customized funeral service. (Shutterstock)

If a loved one has recently passed away, you may be overwhelmed with sudden funeral-related tasks. The first thing to consider is which funeral home should handle your loved one's final arrangements. It's an important first decision to make, which is why we've compiled a list of the top five funeral homes in Atlanta, Georgia. You and your family can place your trust in any of these fine funeral homes. 

1. Willie A. Watkins Funeral Home

Willie Watkins is the founder and director of this highly rated funeral home, with locations across Atlanta and its surrounding areas. Offering a full range of services, including traditional and personalized funerals, cremation, transportation, pre-planning and notary services, Willie A. Watkins works with families to create meaningful memorials.

Willie A Watkins Funeral Home has more Google Reviews than any other funeral home in Atlanta, and they are consistently positive. Past customers say this funeral home never fails to show its respect for the dead, and compassion for the grieving. Flawless services, good customer service, and flexible pricing for all budgets puts this home at the top of this list. 

2. Young Funeral Home

Young Funeral Home is another funeral home that Atlantans place their trust in. They offer an impressive variety of traditional, celebration-of-life and cremation services, as well as permanent memorialization options. Once the funeral is over, and your family has had time to grieve, permanent memorialization can help create a monument in honor of your loved one that will keep their memory alive. 

According to customer reviews, the staff at Young Funeral Home provides "good honest service" during times of grief. During bereavement, many people find themselves feeling more vulnerable than usual. It's important to know that the funeral home you select is trustworthy, and you can rest assured that Young Funeral Home will take care of you and your family. 

3. Goolsby Mortuary

Customers laud Goolsby Mortuary's commitment to professional services. Though this is a smaller funeral home than others in Atlanta, their staff treats every customer like family. They're known for ensuring each and every Goolsby service is conducted with tact and respect.

Goolsby Mortuary is a future forward funeral home, with options for cremation that are more environmentally friendly than conventional cremation. Flameless cremation is a way of handling remains, without releasing smoke and chemicals into the air as part of the burning process. If your loved one cared deeply for the environment, make their death less impactful by opting for this specialized cremation service.

4. Meadows Mortuary

Meadows Mortuary is a family-owned and -operated funeral home that earned its spot on this list by serving Atlanta with consistently excellent funeral services. Since 1976, Meadows has provided care to grieving families as they navigate the first few days and weeks following the loss of a loved one. 

Along with a full offering of funeral services, Meadows has notably talented morticians. Customers who opted for visitation services say their staff does beautiful work for open casket services. On a budget? Their pre-need specialists can help lower the cost of a funeral service if you pre-plan a memorial service. 

5. Alfonso Dawson Mortuary

Alfonso Dawson Mortuary is admired in Atlanta for hosting over 50 years' worth of meaningful services. Past customers appreciate the staff's knowledgeable advice to families who are experiencing a first-time loss. During bereavement, the support of a trusted funeral director can make all the difference in saying final goodbyes. 

They offer traditional, graveside and direct burial services, in addition to cremation options. Their complete range of funeral services can help families plan for their loved ones' memorials in a professional and supportive environment.   

Trustworthy, professional, exceptional

If you are seeking funeral services in the Atlanta area for either future or immediate needs, look no further than that funeral homes on this list. These trustworthy homes will take care of you and your family, so you can mourn together in peace during this difficult time. 

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