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May 31, 2018 Beyond The Dash

Memorial Plaques and Benches

A lasting tribute

Memorial Plaques and Benches
Find a way to honor your loved one that will last the test of time, and provide a service for the community. (Shutterstock)

Finding peace after the death of a loved one is a lengthy and confusing process. If you were particularly close, it may feel like the emotional wound will never heal. Even if you weren't close, the reality of death may have had a more profound impact on you than you had initially expected. One way to combat feelings of powerlessness in the face of loss is to memorialize your loved one with a lasting tribute, in the form of a memorial plaque or bench. 


Many families will place a memorial plaque at the gravesite location of the deceased. It acts as a permanent tribute in the stead of a traditional tombstone. However, plaques can also be placed in a variety of other private and public spaces, such as schools, gardens, theaters or community centers. 

Plaques honoring the life of someone who have passed away can be placed in universities, gardens, graveyards or other community spaces. (Shutterstock)

The content of memorial plaques can vary, but always includes the name of the deceased and the years in which they were born and passed away. It's common for the sponsor of the memorial plaque to also include a message to their loved one or a verse from a poem or song. Sometimes a photograph of the deceased is also included. 

Cost varies depending on the plaque's location, size, detailing and material. These plaques can be made out of several different materials, usually granite or porcelain. 


While memorial plaques are a respectful way to memorialize a deceased friend or family member, memorial benches provide community space while also creating a permanent and public memorial. Memorial benches typically include the same information that can be found on a memorial plaque, but don't usually include photographs of the deceased. 

The main difference between a memorial plaque and a memorial bench is their use. While a memorial plaque exists as a visual way to remember the deceased, a memorial bench does the same while also taking up space in the community and acting as a place for people to sit. 

Memorial benches will last in public spaces for generations, while also keeping the memory of your loved one alive. (Shutterstock)

It's common to find memorial benches at universities, public parks, public gardens and sometimes in private gardens, as well. They serve to both commemorate the deceased, benefit the community and inform the public of your deceased loved one.

Costs vary, but usually the price of the bench, installation and maintenance will fall to the sponsor, usually in the range of $3,000. 

How does it work?

Sponsoring a memorial plaque or bench in the name of a deceased person is a popular way to ensure their memory lives on. These permanent monuments act as a memorial, and sometimes even a community service. 

Community benches or public plaques are usually sponsored by the estate or family in the form of a donation or financial compensation. If you are interested in creating a memorial bench in honor of your loved one, contact the park or site manager to find out how to start the process. 

Ongoing remembrance

Whether you choose to purchase a memorial plaque or memorial bench, both options can successfully memorialize your deceased loved one. Not only do these monuments commemorate your friend or family member, but they also act as a visual reminder to you, your family and the public that your deceased friend or family member was loved and worthy of being remembered.

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