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May 1, 2020 Beyond The Dash

April 2020: Our 4 Favorite Obituaries

A monthly roundup of inspirational obituaries honoring regular Joes and Janes

April 2020: Our 4 Favorite Obituaries
These life stories published in April 2020 tell the stories of regular folks who made a big difference in their communities. (Unsplash/Roman Kraft)

This year, Beyond the Dash is curating a monthly selection of obituaries each month to highlight special life stories. In no particular order, here are some of our favorite life stories from the month of April.

Approximately 4.5 million people die each month globally. Of those, thousands are memorialized in written tributes. Whether the family publishes in the newspaper, online, or in a more private manner, these stories make up our collective history. 

1. Lindsay Ball

Tik Tok star Lindsay Ball went viral for the meme worthy phrase, "That is very much adequate," and had over 230,000 fans. 

Lindsey passed away unexpectedly at the age of 25 just days after the passing of her mother. The deaths are likely related to COVID-19. Her obituary, which appeared in the Tribune Star on April 15, 2020, pays tribute to the person behind the smartphone:

"She always saw the best in people and was unbelievably positive and uplifting. Her favorite saying was "That is very much adequate." She brought laughter and joy to many and will be missed so much."

Her death left thousands of fans shocked and saddened, and there was an outpouring of grief in the comments left on Lindsey's obituary, and on her videos. She is remembered for her ability to make others smile:

"Throughout my time on social media, I discovered Lindsey in suggested content for me. I remember the first time I ever watched her content, and I remember how she made me smile. Such an act that is difficult for me these days as recently times have been hard for everyone. Lindsey will be missed by all, and all will remember her smiles and the ways she made them smile."

Pay tribute to Lindsey Ball and other victims of COVID-19 on the COVID-19 Community Wall.

2. Fanny Goose

Fania 'Fanny' Goose's remarkable obituary prompted a flood of condolences from the community that loved her well. With a beaming portrait photo and nickname straight out of a storybook, 'Mother Goose', Fanny Goose's obituary tells the story of a lighthearted woman who overcame much adversity:

"...Fanny enjoyed a blissful childhood growing up with older sister, Pearl, until the Nazi invasion of Poland in 1939. What followed was a period of inconceivable strife marked by the tragic loss of her family -- an experience she chronicled in her 2007 autobiography, Rising from the Holocaust: The Life of Fanny Goose."

Her story was later documented in "Steven Spielberg's Holocaust video project, the Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation."

After the war, Fanny married and escaped Poland with her husband to Canada. There, they owned a clothing store, and later a realty company. She was known as a "savvy businesswoman" who became actively involved in the Liberal Party:

"She was a lifelong, active member and held the ear of many premiers and prime ministers. Making a visit to see Fanny in the store before a municipal, provincial or even federal run was a pilgrimage for candidates to receive sage political advice from someone who always seemed to know the pulse of the community."

Fanny Goose's family wrote a tribute worthy of her indomitable woman. It details her life at every stage, creating a vibrant image of her character and accomplishments. They wrap up the remarkable life story with words from Fanny herself:

"It would be impossible not to give Fanny the last word here, and the most appropriate words come from the concluding lines of her 2007 autobiography: 'I am simply grateful for all of God's blessings and for the fruit that has been borne in my life; I cherish my family, my friends, and my community. I have loved being able to play a supportive role in the life of my city, and hope that I have made a difference. I have done my best.'"

There's so much more to Fanny's life story. Read her obituary in full here.

3. Kelly Wold

Kelly 'Hairy' Wold is remembered as a "man who seemed indestructible." Sadly, Kelly passed away, but not before blaming his death "on the doctors being Oilers fans." A long, grizzly beard and a piercing stare distinguish him as a man not to be messed with, but the loving obituary shows his deep lover of family above all else: "Kelly called Rosie his wing-woman and Terrance his Stanley Cup. Kelly believed that the best thing about him was that he was Rosie's husband and Terrance's dad."

Indeed, his obituary is a tribute to his relationships. "Lifelong brothers by another mother," "fur babies" and a "large extended family" all get a shout-out, as does the medical team who took care of him.

"Kelly would say that he was proudest of two things in his life: the first was winning the heart of his cherished wife Rosie (Rose-Ann). Even after 39 years he was still in disbelief that a woman so smart, kind and beautiful would ever consider sharing a life with him."

The love of family shines through this obituary, making it a powerful tribute. 

Read Kelly 'Hairy' Wold's incredible life story here

4. Anne Gelnett

Anne Gelnett, an "extremely friendly woman of vast interests and talents who always had a story to share," passed away after a well-lived life. Her April obituary details her life accomplishments, including gaining a Masters degree in Education and being known as an excellent bowler. 

"She loved playing her baby grand piano, was expert at sewing, and she engaged in and taught a variety of art mediums such as painting and brass rubbings."

She is portrayed as a woman with a variety of interesting and creative interests. She traveled, volunteered, donated to charity and "even created her own little lending library positioned on the driveway at her home."

She leaves behind four sons and their families, including eight grandchildren. Her final life story is a wonderful tribute to a life lived to its fullest. 

Want Anne's full life story? Read more here.

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