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October 16, 2017 Brigitte Ganger

What’s in a Dash?

A lifetime of stories, memories and love.

What’s in a Dash?
Write your loved one's life story on Beyond the Dash. (Shutterstock)

This not your typical obituary site. 

At Beyond the Dash, we believe life is more than a series of milestones plotted onto a timeline. When you look at the life of a loved one who has passed, what stands out? The birth date marks the beginning of an incredible journey, and the death date, just the end. What makes up your most important memories is the stuff that came in between. 

What’s in a dash? Your first love. A tenth birthday cake. The car you scrapped. Countdowns to midnight and the resolutions you abandoned. The friends who lost touch, and the ones who were there through thick and thin. Family who shaped your character, teachers who changed your path, chosen family that picked you up when you were down, and the people who came briefly into your life with a single but valuable lesson to teach. 

The traditional obituary reduces complex, magical moments to a single dash, bookended by two dates. Beyond the Dash is a space to reflect on the lives of special people, and pay lasting tribute to real moments.

As we empower grievers to tell stories, share memories, and connect with each other, we look beyond the dash to explore life. And as you read the stories of others, we urge you to take their lessons to heart and make your own dash the mark of a life well lived.

Some dashes are long, and some are heartbreakingly short. But everyone has a dash, and every dash has a story to tell. Join us in our quest to tell the real stories as a lasting tribute to those you have loved, and lost.


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