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August 19, 2019 Beyond The Dash

Watch: How to Publish an Online Obituary

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Watch: How to Publish an Online Obituary
Publishing a loved one's obituary doesn't have to be complicated. Watch our latest video to learn more about publishing your loved one's life story on Beyond the Dash, completely free. (Getty Images)

Even everyday tasks can seem daunting when you're grieving a recent loss. Writing an obituary is a time-sensitive, emotional task that involves fact-gathering, writing, editing, and coordination with the publisher you choose. Don't stress—there's a way to publish your loved one's story that's affordable, simple and elegant. 

Beyond the Dash wants to make beautiful obituaries accessible to everyone who has lost a loved one. Today we're introducing our newest tutorial video that can help you create an obituary in just a few minutes. 

Video: Creating an Obituary on Beyond the Dash

We've made it easy for you to craft an obituary or death notice at the touch of a button. Check out this video, How to Publish an Online Obituary:

If you're new to Beyond the Dash, here's what you need to know to get started:

  1. Enter your loved one's details in the fields provided, including name, date of birth, date of death, and place of passing.

  2. Provide the death certificate or contact information of the funeral home handling your loved one's arrangements. We use this information to confirm the death, so we can ensure all stories on Beyond the Dash are real and accurate. 

  3. Upload photos of your loved one. Once the story is published, family and friends can add photos too.

  4. Tell your loved one's story. You can use the Interactive Obituary Template or our obituary writing guides to help you craft a story that does your loved one's story justice.

  5. Add an event to let your community what events are being hosted in honor of your loved one. You can add multiple events if more than one is being held.

  6. Add a GoFundMe link, if there is a crowdfunding campaign associated with this death.

  7. Submit the story to Beyond the Dash. Once your story is submitted, we will verify the death with the funeral home and publish the obituary online. This can take 1–2 business days, but we'll let you know when the story is ready.

  8. Share the story with loved ones, and invite them to sign the guestbook. Friends and family can leave condolences, share memories and add photos. 


  • Read other stories on Beyond the Dash to get a sense of what to write about. 

  • Complete each section step by step. Remember to click Save after each section. 

  • Enter your email address to save your work as you go. If you need a break, you can return any time to complete the obituary.

  • Choose high quality images that best represent the person you are honoring.

  • Be patient—we know that most obituaries are time sensitive. As soon as we are able to confirm the death, the obituary will be published. This usually takes 1–2 business days. We'll let you know when it's ready.


There are plenty of useful obituary writing resources and tools available on Beyond the Dash that are completely free. Before beginning to write, you should first read articles like How to Write an Obituary, Obituary Writing Toolbox: Template and Samples, and How to Write a Creative Obituary that Stands Out to prepare for this important task. 

Our stories are free to publish online. After that, you have the option of publishing the story in any of over 6,000 newspapers across North America. We also offer a library of writing resources to help you draft and refine your loved one's life story. For those who aren't confident writers, our Interactive Obituary Template can help you generate an obituary within minutes. 

Use Interactive Obituary Template

No matter how much time has passed, it's never too late to write an obituary in honor of a loved one. We hope that Beyond the Dash can help your family create a centralized place to visit your loved one's life story and remember them with family and friends. 

Your loved one had a remarkable life. Tell their story, and we’ll publish it online for free.

After creating an online memorial, you can also publish in print in any of over 6,000 newspapers across North America.

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