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September 5, 2019 Beyond The Dash

Funeral Announcement Template

How to write a quick death announcement for the newspaper

Funeral Announcement Template
A death announcement needs to be quick and factually accurate. Use this template to draft your loved one's funeral announcement. (Shutterstock)

When a loved one dies, there are suddenly a million things to do and plan. From organizing the funeral service, to writing the obituary and notifying loved ones, there is pressure to complete all the arrangements quickly and correctly. 

What is the difference between a funeral announcement and an obituary?

In between the planning of the funeral and the writing of the obituary, there is the death announcement. Also called a funeral announcement, this newspaper notice is meant to be published quickly, containing just a few details about the death. The purpose of this initial notice is simply to announce the death and funeral arrangements. 

The full obituary usually follows the death announcement. The purpose of an obituary is to tell the deceased person's life story in more detail than a simple death announcement. But in the melee of funeral planning, getting all of the information required to write the obituary is a huge undertaking. 

How soon should I publish a funeral announcement?

Once you have the funeral venue booked, it's time to announce the death so that people in the community have enough notice to attend. This notice will only include a few sparse details about the service, so it can be published as soon as the funeral is scheduled with a time and place.

What information should be included?

The only information that needs to be included in this initial notice is the details funeral guests need in order to make it to the funeral. This includes:

  1. The name of the deceased

  2. Age and place of passing

  3. Notification of the passing

  4. Funeral details, including date, time and location

  5. Any other pertinent details regarding the service

Template for writing a death announcement

Enter your loved one's information into this template to create a quick death announcement suitable for publication in a newspaper or online. 

(Name of deceased), (age of deceased), of (place of residence), passed away in (place of death) on (date of death). A (type of service) will be held at (name of location) in honor of (name) on (date) at (time of service). 

You may include another line or two depending on your family's wishes. Should anyone who knew the deceased person attend, or will the ceremony be private? Should guests bring flowers, or donate to charity? Is a reception to follow the memorial service? These are the types of pertinent details to include in the death announcement. 

Death announcement example

Agnes Porch, 67, of Dallas, passed away in Houston on May 27, 2018. A graveside service will be held at North Dallas Funeral Home in honor of Agnes, on Saturday, June 9, 2018, at 11:00 am, with a reception to follow at the family home. All who knew her are welcome to attend. The family requests that in lieu of flowers, guests should donate to the American Cancer Society in Agnes' name.

Use Interactive Obituary Template

Combining the death announcement and obituary

Beyond the Dash digital obituaries offer families the flexibility they need during a time of grief. If you are thinking of publishing your loved one's story online, you can first create a short death announcement on Beyond the Dash, and return later to finish telling their full life story. It's a quick and cost-effective way to place both a death announcement and obituary. 

Create an Obituary

Once you have created the online story, you can share the announcement online with family and friends. Loved ones can post special memories of the deceased person, offer condolences and post family photos.

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