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June 9, 2018 Beyond The Dash

Top 4 Wearable Alternatives to Urns

Cremation jewelry helps mourners keep loved ones close

Top 4 Wearable Alternatives to Urns
Cremation jewelry generally comes in two types: fillable chamber lockets, and molded gem-like stones. (Shutterstock)

To many modern families, the idea of keeping an urn full of a loved one's cremains is old-fashioned and macabre. Luckily, there are many new and emerging ways to preserve a loved one’s ashes, without having to display a large urn within the family home. Today we are showcasing the top five companies that allow mourners to carry their loved one with them forever. 

Cremation jewelry keeps your loved one close

Cremation jewelry incorporates a small amount of ashes in a wearable piece of jewelry. Sometimes the necklace, bracelet or accessory will have a chamber into which cremains are inserted. Other companies specialize in creating synthetic diamonds or other gems from cremains. Either way, there are many beautiful and subtle options to choose from. 

1. Close By Me Jewelry

With just a teaspoon of ashes, Close By Me Jewelry can make up to six pieces of jewelry. The artist blends the cremains into a substance that can be molded into a shape and set in jewelry, creating a beautiful gem-like piece of art. 

According to the website, the color of the jewelry will depend on the uniqueness of your loved one's ashes, but can range between beige and dark gray, according to the company website. 

Close By Me has an extensive collection of jewelry types and styles, including necklaces, charms, bracelets, earrings, rings and cufflinks. Available in white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, sterling silver. 

These special pieces are durable, elegant and completely unique. They are also very affordable, ranging from $160–$320 per piece on average. If cremation jewelry seems like a good way to memorialize your loved one, check out what Close By Me has to offer. You will receive a kit in the mail for safekeeping of the cremains while they travel to be crafted into into a wearable memorial. 

2. In the Light Urns

In the Light Urns is another company that has a great selection of cremation jewelry. Instead of blending ashes to create a gem-like center piece, In the Light Urns are actually small, wearable urns that are tightly sealed. The jewelry comes with all the tools and instructions you will need to fill and seal the urn yourself safely and securely. 

Because the jewelry is all self-filled, you never have to part with your loved one's cremains. These pieces are not unique to your loved one, but the price of each piece is much lower, usually ranging from $70–$150.

In the Light carries a lovely inventory of religious-themed wearable urns depicting Christian symbols such as crosses and angels. They also carry fun shapes like boxing gloves, hearts and animals. Each piece is sturdy enough to last a lifetime, with proper care. You can choose from a wide variety of styles and materials, including stainless steel, sterling silver, pewter, glass, wood and gold. 

3. Everlasting Memories

Like In the Light Urns, Everlasting Memories offers an impressive collection of urn jewelry. These pieces are self-filled, so there is no need for customers to part with their loved one's ashes. 

Everlasting Memories has a different selection of jewelry, with many different styles than other cremation jewelry websites. Chic, stylish and sturdy, these pieces are built for daily wear so that your loved one stays close in your heart. 

Most pieces range from $60–$140, with some higher-end pendants going for upwards of $1000. Regardless of your personal style and budget, there's something for everyone.

Cremains can be made into synthetic gems or diamonds and then set in jewelry. (Shutterstock)

4. Beyond the Willow Tree 

Beyond the Willow Tree is an Australian company that specializes in stunning cremation jewelry, and other DNA jewelry products, including umbilical, placenta, hair and breast milk pieces. This team of mothers ship worldwide and work closely with families to ensure the memorial piece is perfect. 

Prices range from about $180 – $1200, depending on your style and material selection. Keep in mind, if you're ordering from outside of Australia the cost of shipping cremains to Beyond the Willow Tree will add to the bottom line, as well as any applicable import fees. 

Like Close By Me Jewelry, Beyond the Willow Tree blends the sample provided into a gem-like stone and sets it in copper, sterling silver, and gold. Every piece of jewelry is one-of-a-kind, handcrafted for you in honor of your loved one. 

Keep their memory alive

If cremation jewelry sounds like a good option for creating a personal memorial to the life of a loved one, these companies have great service and beautifully crafted pieces. They are in the business of supporting families through their grief journey, because creating a tribute to someone who has passed is a way to move on and heal. 

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