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March 12, 2018 Beyond The Dash

Funeral Memorial Cards

Everything you need to know about the tradition of memorial cards

Funeral Memorial Cards
There are many types of funeral memorial cards that can be created in honor of a deceased loved one. Types include: traditional or picture style, memorial bookmarks, folded memorial cards, memorial prayer cards or funeral announcement cards. (Shutterstock)

What is a funeral memorial card?

Funeral memorial cards, also called remembrance cards, are a lasting tribute to those who are no longer with us. Given to guests of a memorial service, these cards provide information about the decedent and the funeral. The standard size of the card is about 3" by 4.5"—small enough to carry in a typical wallet. 

Funeral memorial cards are similar to funeral programmes. In fact, sometimes they are combined into one. The obvious difference is that a memorial card focuses on the deceased person, usually including a photo, story and meaningful quotes or verses, whereas a funeral service program has practical details about the funeral service, such as location and ceremony schedule of events.  

Why are funeral memorial cards significant?

Remembrance cards are significant because they set a tone for the memorial, celebrate life and allow people to keep the memory of the person close to them. 

These cards are deeply rooted in Catholic tradition. Indulgences, or quarantines, are terms for the tradition of praying for 40 days or more for the sins of the deceased to be forgiven. The specific time can be included in a memorial card, if the service is conducted by a priest. Memorial cards capture the memory of a special people forever, as a historical, cherished record of a life.

Who makes funeral memorial cards?

Memorial cards are often made by funeral homes, funeral directors and remembrance cards designers. The cards are typically included in funeral packages because they are a valuable reminder of someone who passed away. 

They can also be commissioned by a printing service or designer, if not included in the funeral home package.

How to make a funeral memorial card?

Gather details of the deceased person, including their name, photo, dates of birth and death, and a note from family. These factual details are often accompanied by a sentimental quote, poem, short obituary, song lyrics or prayer. Additional information about the funeral home, the cemetery and plot number or mausoleum vault is pertinent, but not necessary if you are also creating a program for the ceremony separately. 

Memorial cards act as a physical memento of the funeral service for all who attended. (Shutterstock)

If you are creating the cards yourself, you will need a designer, template or platform where you can create a funeral memorial card. Choose layout design, provide necessary information and include a personal message or request writing. Proofread your writing and check all the essential items. Nothing will detract from this important memento more than factual errors or typos.

What are the types of memorial cards?

There's a variety of types of memorial cards to choose from. Depending on your vision for the final product, you can choose traditional or picture style, memorial bookmarks, folded memorial cards, memorial prayer cards or funeral announcement cards. 

A final word

Memorial cards for funerals are a part of etiquette, and a beautiful memento for mourners. Create the one that fits best with your family values and budget, and ask for the help of a funeral director for guidance. 

Your loved one had a remarkable life. Tell their story, and we’ll publish it online for free.

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