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October 21, 2019 Beyond The Dash

Adding Music to a Funeral Slideshow

Top 6 songs for the final send-off

Adding Music to a Funeral Slideshow
Choose songs and genres that the deceased person preferred to honor them in their memorial slideshow. (Shutterstock)

Mourning is an important step in the grieving process, as is remembering all of the wonderful parts of the deceased's life. Many modern mourners celebrate their loved ones' lives by creating a memorial slideshow for the service.

Celebrating life

A slideshow typically presents photographs and videos of the deceased at various points in their life. It's a way to show the personality of the deceased person, and feel closer to them throughout the funeral service.

Incorporating music

When creating a funeral slideshow, music should be a chief concern. You'll need enough music to cover the entire slide show's worth of photos and footage. If there aren't enough photos to fill a whole song, try adding meaningful quotes, phrases or anecdotes to the presentation.

The number and type of songs included in the slideshow should complement the person of honor. Choose songs or genres the deceased enjoyed. Just as photos and video footage contains memories for those who knew the deceased person, so do the songs selections. Each song is an opportunity to pay tribute to your loved one.

Selecting songs

You'll need to add songs to the slideshow, but it can be hard to decide which songs to play. If there are no obvious choices for your loved one, browse our list of appropriate memorial slideshow songs.

Mourning songs

If you want your funeral guests to reflect on their relationship with the deceased and remember how much they valued that relationship, here are a few sad songs to choose from.

"You Can Close Your Eyes"

James Taylor

"Wish You Were Here"

Pink Floyd

Uplifting songs

If you choose an uplifting song, you can inspire funeral guests and remind them that even in times of grief, there can be hope.

"Wind Beneath My Wings"

Bette Midler

"You Raise Me Up"

Josh Groban

Happy songs

Happy songs can make your funeral guests truly celebrate the life of the loved one who has passed. Put a smile on through your tears and remember the good times you shared with the deceased.

"Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

Judy Garland


"What a Wonderful World"

Louis Armstrong

The final track

No matter which song you choose, remember to celebrate the life of your loved one. Funeral guests will be more focused on their relationship to the deceased than song selections. Don't worry about selecting the perfect memorial slideshow songs. Music enhances a service, but is not the main focus of a day of mourning.

Your loved one had a remarkable life. Tell their story, and we’ll publish it online for free.

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