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May 22, 2020 Beyond The Dash

Honoring Veterans on Memorial Day

The National Moment of Remembrance will be observed at 3 pm, but there are many ways to pay respect.

Honoring Veterans on Memorial Day
What can you do this Memorial Day to honor the sacrifice of veterans? (Shutterstock)

Serving in the armed forces is not just a career, but a way of life-and a tough one at that. Those who choose this way of life sacrifice so much physically, mentally and emotionally. When someone opts to serve in the US armed forces they do so not for status or glory, but for the love of their country and its people. Thousands of members of the US armed forces put their lives on the line, face attacks, and endure extreme weather to protect American interests overseas, so Americans can enjoy independence and freedom.

On Memorial Day, it's common practice for people to host picnics, visit beaches and enjoy the long weekend. However, there is a far more significant meaning to Memorial Day that should not be forgotten. We have war heroes and war veterans to thank for the privilege of sleeping peacefully in our beds at night. On Memorial Day, we show our gratitude by a public show of respect to those who lost their lives in defense of our country.

Memorial Day isn't just about those who died serving, but also about honoring all the nation's veterans who have made important contributions through their military service to the country. Therefore, on Memorial Day, we should express our appreciation for those veterans who served and are currently serving in wars. On this day, we both offer our support to grieving families who have lost loved ones, as well as veterans who have lost colleagues, to war.

Ways you can honor veterans on Memorial Day

1. Visit a veterans' home

Veterans' homes are for indigent and disabled veterans who can't care for themselves, or return to work. On Memorial Day, citizens can make these veterans appreciated by visiting them and listening to their stories. Thanking veterans for their service is a simple way to let them know they are not forgotten.

2. Attend a memorial service

A lot of veteran groups plan and host memorial services on Memorial Day. Find out what events are happening in your community. You can attend a memorial service to pay your respects to both fallen and active members.

3. Raise your flag

Nothing expresses gratitude for our freedom more patriotically than hoisting the Old Glory at your house. If you have a flag, Memorial Day is the day to let it fly. As per tradition, it should remain hoisted until noon.

4. Observe the National Moment of Remembrance

The National Moment of Remembrance is observed at exactly 3 pm on Memorial Day. Every American is asked to pause for just two minutes to honor those who have sacrificed their lives, health, or loved ones for the country.

5. Share the story of your beloved fallen hero or veteran

Memorial Day is about remembering our fallen heroes and paying respects to veterans, so honor them by sharing their story. Many people will post a remembrance on social media on this day. You can also create an online memorial in honor of a veteran for free on Beyond the Dash.

This day is not about debating political matters. It's not a time to condone or condemn any specific wars. You can heartily disagree with war or military operations and still observe Memorial Day. This day is about acknowledging the effort and indisputable sacrifice of those members who selflessly defended your freedom.

Memorial Day is about making veterans feel appreciated for their services, as well as thanking the families who lost loved ones to war for their sacrifice too.

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